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Rubber Basketball Court Flooring 

The basketball court for a typical school or recreational facility, even professional sports court flooring can be one of the most challenging facilities to design. In many cases, the courts are used for more than just basketball.

Typically, gymnasiums and recreational facilities will need to accommodate a multitude of other sports, including: volleyball, wrestling, futsal, cheerleading, dance, or any additional activities or classes that cannot practice outdoors or on their field.

Furthermore, gyms and basketball courts at many schools also house school assemblies, graduations and peprallies. Langning understands the challenges and work with you to select a surface and design that will work best for your needs and your budget. Our rubber basketball court flooring is your best choice! You have various patterns to choose from.

Rubber Basketball Court Flooring

Langning Sports is the expert manufacturer and supplier of professional rubber basketball court flooring, especially maple wood texture PVC gym floors. Considering safety and performance, we well design the basketball court floor. The basketball court floor provides excellent traction, ball control and shock absorption performance, as well as high-end wood texture looking, allowing the players to fully enjoy the elasticity feel and sports pleasure indoors and outdoors basketball courts. 

Our high-end rubber basketball court flooring is designed for high-use occasions, such as gym or indoor and outdoor basketball courts. With the wood texture rubber/pvc gym floors supplier, the sports experience will be much enhanced.

The rubber basketball court flooring has many colors to choose from, suitable for your sports space or even school. With custom logos and graphic paintings, the visiting team will always know who has the advantage of the home team.



Layers of Rubber Basketball Court Flooring


PVC coated wood texture basketball court flooring

Application Display of Rubber Basketball Court Flooring


Rubber Basketball Court Flooring   Rubber Basketball Court Flooring   Rubber Basketball Court Flooring

About Langning Sports Rubber Basketball Court Flooring 

Shijiazhuang Langning Sports Goods Technology Co., Ltd. is specialized in research & development, production, sales, installation, after-sales service enterprises of rubber basketball court flooring, focusing on providing a high quality, environmental friendly, comfortable and safe basketball court flooring for customers from all over the world. 

Langning will help you to make your sport space more elegant and professional with our high end rubber basketball court flooring. The custom size and logo are available to make your sport courts perfect fitted and exclusive. Contact us to custom rubber basketball flooring! We'll wait for you with the best design and construction solution.

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