Table tennis court flooring

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Table Tennis Flooring

Advantages of Table Tennis Flooring for Specialised Sports Flooring 

  • Size stability

  • Easy Installation

  • Safe and Comfortable

  • Excellent Vibration Absorption Performance

  • Excellent durability and wear resistance to heavy abrasion

  • Excellent stain resistance and easy cleaning

  • Structures embossing for perfect footing


Table Tennis Flooring is one of best-seller of Langning. It's fulfill the needs of any facility and level of competition, Whether it is a professional arena or a gymnasium for student or amateur athletes. It is important that table tennis floors have easy maintenance & installation, protection against scratches, excellent shock absorption  and  player comfortability.

The quality of table tennis flooring material required for professional table tennis court is very important, considering that the player's grip is essential to avoid injuries caused by slipping or twisting. Our Table Tennis Flooring absolutely superior in quality, easy to clean and excellent decorative appearance, environment protect. The Flooring behaves good in resist impact, anti-skidding and shock absorption, which can effectively protect the security of the athlete.

Langning Sports, as a professional manufacturer and exporter of Table Tennis Flooring in China, will provide you with the best table tennis flooring and table tennis flooring material with environmental friendly raw materials for indoor table tennis courts and outdoor table tennis courts. If you're looking for the table tennis flooring or table tennis flooring materials for your Ping-pong/ ttable tennis courts, welcome to browse our productlist and don't hesitate to contact us. We are always expecting to your message!

Table Tennis Flooring

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