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Daily Maintenance of Basketball Court Flooring

July 09, 2022

At present, most sports venues will lay special basketball stadium sports floor, but it is inevitable that stains that are not easy to clean will appear in the process of use, so daily maintenance is very important, so as to prolong the service life of basketball floor. Langning Sports Goods Technology will explain to you how to carry out daily maintenance of basketball stadium sports floor.

Frequently used PVC sports floor surface will suffer from a variety of shoe prints, oil stains, water stains and other erosion, resulting in a decline in its sports performance, affecting its use efficiency, as well as aesthetics, I believe that many venues have encountered the same problem, encounter daily cleaning can not remove black shoe imprints and other stains do not panic, we can combine the actual situation of the site, choose the appropriate floor cleaning program.

Daily Maintenance of Basketball Court Flooring


Suitable floor cleaning solutions

1. If there are only a small amount of black marks in one or two places, we can use PVC flooring special cleaner and dip a little detergent with white towels to wipe.

2. If there is a large area of stains, professional cleaning machines are needed to clean the plastic floors. the stubborn stains and detergent residues on the surface of the basketball court can be removed by deep cleaning of the plastic floor. can make the surface of the dull basketball court flooring reborn.

For basketball court flooring can not wait until there are problems before solving, in the process of daily use, we should also do a good job in the protection work, here are some daily maintenance methods.

Daily Maintenance of Basketball Court Flooring


Maintenance of basketball court flooring.

1. Sand and gravel protection: sand and gravel protective mat should be placed at the door of the room and hall where the stadium flooring is used to prevent shoes from scratching the floor surface with sand and gravel into the room.

2. Object handling protection: when moving objects, especially when there are sharp metal objects at the bottom, do not drag on the floor to prevent injury to the floor.

3. Pyrotechnic protection: although the floor is fire resistant (B1), it does not mean that the floor will not be burned by fireworks, so when people use ground flooring, do not put burning cigarette butts, mosquito incense, electrified irons and high-temperature metal objects directly on the floor to prevent floor damage;

4. Regular maintenance:

(1) ground flooring should be cleaned with neutral cleaners, not strong acid or alkali cleaners, and regular cleaning and maintenance should be done.

(2) Daily maintenance: use a clean 90% dry mop to clean the floor, and locally clean those with serious pollution;

(3) monthly maintenance: the ground is clean and the ground is waxed when the local foundation is damaged.

Generally, it is better to treat and maintain the floor once a month.

5. Pollution treatment:

(1) the ink, food and greasy dirt on the flooring should be wiped off, and then the traces should be scrubbed with a diluted detergent. When the residual black leather shoe prints are difficult to remove, you can use the veil stained with pine perfume to scrub, do not pour the pine perfume on the floor to clean, and fill up the wax after scrubbing.

(2) the chewing gum dirt attached to the ground flooring can be frozen into ice in the refrigerator with plastic bags, and then put the ice on the chewing gum to cool and harden, and then carefully scrape it off;

6. Note:

(1) floor cleaning can not be scraped with cleaning balls, knives, or dirt that cannot be cleaned by conventional methods, consult relevant people, and do not use acetone, toluene, and other chemicals indiscriminately.

(2) in order to prevent scratching the flooring, do not wear nailed shoes and high heels to walk on the ground, and if conditions permit, change into soft-soled shoes as much as possible.

(3) at ordinary times, we should pay attention to avoid hard or sharp instruments that fall on the flooring of the site and avoid damaging the glue.

7. Chemical protection: avoid a large amount of water staying on the floor surface for a long time, and soak the floor for a long time, which may seep under the floor to make the floor glue dissolve and lose its adhesion, and may also cause floor pollution by delaminating the protective wax water on the floor surface. it is also possible for sewage to infiltrate into the interior of the floor and cause floor discoloration.

8. Sun protection: avoid direct exposure to strong light, and do a good job of ultraviolet radiation on the floor to prevent discoloration and discoloration of the floor.

Daily Maintenance of Basketball Court Flooring