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Volleyball Court Flooring — Langning Sports

Langning Sports is the volleyball court flooring supplier with wide range of products which include indoor volleyball sports flooring material and outdoor volleyball sports flooring material for any of volleyball sports space. With many color options provided, we can customize your required flooring for volleyball court. Anti-slip function of volleyball court flooring supplier will protect athletes from get injured and give better sports experience with it.

With the range of movements performed by each player, volleyball flooring requires the full complement of sports performance characteristics. An effective volleyball surface integrates seamlessly into the match, providing the necessary characteristics with uniformity. Below are a few performance related questions to consider when choosing volleyball flooring.

Have all the sports flooring performance criteria been met?

Volleyball is a physically demanding sport for athletes, requiring a wide range of motion. Three critical characteristics for volleyball, including force reduction (shock absorption), surface finish effect (friction), and vertical deformation (Ball rebound is the fourth criteria, but has not implications on volleyball performance). 

Is the floor point elastic or area elastic?

Area elastic floors, such as hardwood systems, can be used for volleyball. However, the trend is to use point elastic resilient floors, which offer a greater uniformity of performance characteristics, particularly vertical deformation and shock absorption. 


If you have demand on volleyball court flooring or flooring materials for volleyball court, welcome to contact us and get professional answers from us about volleyball court flooring!

Volleyball Court Flooring

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