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Floor Cleaning and Maintenance

June 17, 2021

Floor Cleaning and Maintenance:

1. The floor must be cleaned daily with mop or vacuum cleaner to remove surface dust. Regular maintenance will keep the floor surface intact and prolong service life. The cycle of maintenance depends on natural conditions and intensity of use.

2. Site cleaning should use professional tools, not the use of cleaning equipment that will cause wear to the floor; small areas of stains can be manually cleaned, medium or above area stains are cleaned by a cleaning machine.

3. Site cleaning should use neutral detergent, and the site after washing clean water using vacuum cleaner precipitation stains dry.

4. Plate footprints and stains should be clear in time to avoid pollutant deposition to increase the difficulty of cleaning.

5. Most sports venues have site lines (painted on the surface), so in the process of cleaning and maintenance, we must strengthen the maintenance of the site line to avoid damage to the site line.


1. Doors should be prevented at the entrance of stadiums with large flow of people.

2. It is forbidden to wear leather shoes, heel shoes and color shoes into the field.

3. It is strictly forbidden to cut and squeeze the floor, and pay attention to the friction of hard objects on the surface.

4. Pay attention to the floor do not contact with acid, alkali and other corrosive chemicals and away from the source of fire, careful high temperature, so as not to cause porcelain plate damage and deformation.

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