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Badminton Floor Rubber Storage Tips

May 25, 2022

Badminton is a sport for both young and old.

In recent years, with the gradual development and growth of our country's sports industry, there are more and more professional badminton gymnasiums in China, and there are also many integrated sports gymnasiums that need to often wind up badminton flooring.

A badminton floor rubber hundreds of pounds, due to the material and size, after the game need to be wound up, then it is very difficult. So, what is a good way to wind up a badminton court floor rubber?

The following small recommended a magic weapon - badminton winder.

Langning mobile badminton floor rubber rewinder is a new and improved rewinder, which is a special equipment for indoor badminton court rewinding!



Badminton Reel

Badminton Floor Rubber Storage Tips

Product parameters

Product material: PPR pipe

Product length: 3.6m*2 strips

Product inner diameter: 14.2cm

Product outer diameter: 15.9cm

Product wall thickness: 8.5mm

Product color: dark green



Badminton floor rubber rewinder use process


First take out the winder

The two tubes will be firmly connected along the connection to the seam snap

Badminton Floor Rubber Storage Tips


Lift up the ground rubber about 1 meter

Badminton Floor Rubber Storage Tips


The rewinder canvas will be laid flat along the direction of rubber lifting

Badminton Floor Rubber Storage Tips


Then lay the ground rubber flat on top of the canvas

Badminton Floor Rubber Storage Tips


Rotate the tube body at an even speed to complete the winding

Badminton Floor Rubber Storage Tips



Badminton floor rubber winder should be used at an even speed, to avoid uneven force caused by the material tilt, while the winding is completed to do a good job of waterproofing, sun protection, but also should be far from heat sources, prohibit the extrusion of heavy objects to prevent the floor from external deformation.